Costa Rican Mail Order Brides: Can You Find One Online?

 Costa Rican Mail Order Brides: Can You Find One Online?

You can easily find a perfect Costa Rican bride online, and it won’t be expensive! In this article, we will tell you who Costa Rican brides are and how much it costs to find one online and in real life!

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Real Costa Rican women for marriage

Costa Rican mail order brides are popular in the United States, just like any other Latin girl for serious online relationships. Indeed, searching for a Costa Rican wife is not difficult, whether you are looking online or offline. Apart from the fact that Costa Rican women for marriage are very beautiful and hot, they have everything to be perfect wives. These women are supportive, sociable, family-oriented, and rather progressive. This is why in 2020, more than 100 brides came to the United States to get married to a local guy.

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While Costa Rican mail brides may be among the least popular Latin brides, it is possible to say that the popularity of these girls has not changed that much over the years. For instance, 10 years later, in 2010, just 92 brides from this country moved to the United States to get married. Around 20 brides in 2020 had children when they came to the United States. It is rather common in Latin countries to look for a foreign husband despite having a child.

Costa Rican mail order wives cost

It is essential to learn as much as possible about dating a foreign woman. And looking for a mail order bride usually means that you will have to spend at least some money on online communication or real-life dating. In this section, we discuss the cost of Costa Rican mail order brides services and real-life dating to help you understand how much you need to spend to find true love in Costa Rica.

Real-life communication

Real-life dating is great because it allows you to see your bride and spend some real time with her. Travel to Costa Rica is not expensive, and considering that women who live in this country know English adequately, the benefits are obvious. Here are approximate prices on the most common dating experiences. 

  1. Trip to Costa Rica. A one-way ticket will cost you around $200-300.
  2. Apartments and accommodation. The average apartment or hotel room could cost $100-300 for 14 days.
  3. Food. $200 per person per week would be enough.
  4. Transportation. If you want to rent a car, decent cars cost $25 per day.
  5. Entertainment. Entertainment in Costa Rica is mostly nightclubs, restaurants, and anything to do with beaches. On average, you can spend around $1,000.

Costa Rica is a relatively cheap country, so don’t expect to spend too much money there. You can have wonderful and comfortable dating experiences there for a rather low price. In general, if you can spend around $2,500-3,000, you will have the best time of your life with the most beautiful Costa Rican brides!

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Online dating

If you want to save some money and time, you can look for a Costa Rican mail order bride online. Such services are relatively popular in Costa Rica, so you will find enough girls for online communication.

The major advantage of looking for a bride online is that you don’t spend a lot of money on the whole process. In fact, a month’s worth of dating online is about $50. You can find sites that use either a fixed monthly subscription system or a credit system with flexible prices. Both of these systems are working and can offer you a great online dating experience without spending too much money. Membership usually costs around $10-40 each month.

Many sites use credit systems. Instead of making a single payment once a month, you pay for credits that you can spend however you want. You can spend them all on instant messaging or split between messages and video communication. A month of such communication can cost you up to $100 on average.

The truth about Costa Rican brides

The beauty of Costa Rican wives is legendary. These ladies are hot, passionate, and exotic. If you like petite and skinny girls, you will find plenty of them in Costa Rica. The majority of brides who use dating services are rather young. On average, you can find girls between 18 and 24 years of age. Almost all girls who use online dating are either students or unemployed. Costa Rican girls for marriage date and marry older guys without any problems. On average, women who came from this country are 4-6 years younger than men they are dating and marrying. 


Go and find your ideal Costa Rican mail order wife since now you are ready to build a serious relationship with her. You will find girls from this country fun, enjoyable, and broad-minded.