Japanese Mail Order Brides: the Perfect Choice for a Love Match!

 Japanese Mail Order Brides: the Perfect Choice for a Love Match!

The coolest thing about Japanese brides is probably their modern views and their traditional values that are closely intertwined. Japanese girls make great wives and mothers, and at the same time, they are career-oriented, intelligent, and ambitious. Here, we’ll tell you more useful facts about Japanese females!

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Real Japanese women for marriage: Statistics 

In 2010, 508 Japanese mail order brides got a K-1 fiancé(e) visa. In 2019, this number was even higher (541). This shows that Japan is one of the most popular mail bride countries in the region—although it’s far behind such mail bride giants as the Philippines (more than 7,000 K-1 visa holders), Japan still makes it to the top-10 list of most popular Asian bride countries. 

In 2020, however, the number of new K-1 visa holders decreased drastically. That year, only 195 women from Japan entered the United States and married American men after that. Obviously, this doesn’t mean Japanese women have suddenly become less popular—the only reason was the 2020 non-immigrant visa restrictions. Although not totally banned, K-1 visa processing was delayed for 12, 15, and even 18 months (instead of 8-10 months before 2020). 

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But K-1 visas aren’t the only visas mail order brides from Japan can get. Japanese ladies can also enter the US on a CR-1 (spouse) visa. The main difference is that you will have to marry your bride in Japan before she applies for her CR-1 visa, and if she applies for a K-1 visa, you’ll have to marry her in the US after she gets it. The number of CR-1 visas issued to Japanese women wasn’t higher than the one of K-1 visas (103 in 2019, 131 in 2020). 

When it comes to the K-2 and CR-2 visas—the ones issued to the children of K-1 and CR-1 visa holders respectively—an interesting fact must be mentioned. Unlike the ladies from other Asian countries (especially the Southeast Asian countries), women from Japan typically don’t have children from a previous relationship. In 2020, for instance, only 10 K-1 visas were issued (195 K-1 visas). In 2019, the numbers were 27 and 541, respectively. The same goes for CR-1 and CR-2 visas (131 and 6 respectively in 2020). This means most Japanese brides you’ll meet on a dating website will not have children from a previous marriage.

Cost of a Japanese mail order wife

When talking about Japanese mail order brides prices, it’s essential to understand that you can’t just “buy” a Japanese wife. The whole process some people call “buying” a bride looks like this: 

  • You chat with a woman on a dating website
  • You ask her out and meet her in her country
  • You propose to her 

This means that you will have to pay for a dating website, for the tickets to Japan, for a 1 or a 2-week trip to this country, and for a marriage. Now, let’s do a cost breakdown.

Most Japanese mail order bride websites cost up to $100 per month. However, it depends on a system the site uses (premium subscription or credits) and, if there is a credit system, on the messaging tools you’re going to use. Video chat, for example, is always more expensive than live chat/text messages. If you’re going to spend 10-30 minutes per day in a video chat, even $500 per month won’t be enough.

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  • The tickets from New York to Tokyo cost around $1,500 (round-trip).
  • A hotel room for one person will cost you about $70 per night ($1,000 for 2 weeks) 
  • Transportation (taxis and buses) will be around $30 per day ($500) 
  • Entertainment and activities—$80/day ($1,100)
  • The cost of food is around $30 per day ($500)

So, a 2-week trip to Japan will cost you around $4,500. It’s called an expensive country for a reason, unfortunately. But your trip isn’t the largest part of the total cost of a Japanese bride. The largest part is the wedding. Japanese weddings are typically fancy and rich, so it might cost you literally anything from $10,000 to $50,000 (or even more than that). 

The truth about Japanese brides: who they really are 

Let’s talk facts now. Who are Japanese mail order wives, what do they do for a living, and how educated are they? The answers are right here! 

  • Most Japanese girls for marriage are 20-30 years old. It’s possible to find women in their 30s and 40s on mail bride websites, but the absolute majority of brides are younger than that.
  • More than half of Japanese women are college/university graduates. The percentage is even higher when talking about a social group consisting of young, urban women in their 20s.  
  • More than half of girls from Japan participate in the nation’s labor force. Most of them are service workers, teachers, and medical personnel.
  • Japanese ladies who get married to American men are typically younger than their husbands (the average age difference is 2.2-2.7 years)


Japanese wives are just great, and what’s even more exciting, they are available in a few clicks. Just choose a dating site, sign up, and start chatting with them—it has never been easier!