Filipino Mail Order Brides: Top Facts, Problems To Expect, Useful Tips To Build Long-Distance Relationship

 Filipino Mail Order Brides: Top Facts, Problems To Expect, Useful Tips To Build Long-Distance Relationship

Old-fashioned, submissive, obedient — that’s how an average Western guy sees women from the Philippines. But in reality, these women are not like this — and the “obedient Asian wife” stereotype is really quite far from the truth. Phillipino brides are polite and friendly, they are feminine, direct, and they love American men. But these are not the only things you need to know about them. If you want to know why these ladies are so popular among foreigners, if you want to understand what problems to expect when dating/marrying a woman from this country, and if you need to find out how to choose the right Filipino mail order bride platform, congratulations: we’ll tell you all you need right now. Let’s start with the list of the most interesting (and true!) facts about these gorgeous girls.

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The most important facts about Filipino mail order brides

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  1. They are religious — according to the survey, 83% of Filipinos say that faith is very important for them. The good news is that most of them are Catholics (almost 81% of Filipino citizens are Catholics and 8% are Protestant. Only 5.6% of the total Filipino population are Muslims). This means that in most cases, you can marry a Filipino woman without converting — unless she is a Muslim (Muslim women aren’t allowed to marry non-Muslim men). But it’s not even about marrying — we’re talking about the family values they have, such as mutual respect, patience, loyalty, etc.
  2. They are very open-minded when it comes to international dating. In fact, they love foreigners, especially American men. According to the 1998 statistics, 44% of foreign men who married Filipino women were US citizens. Now, Filipino women still love marrying foreigners — in 2017, more than 15,000 marriages in the Philippines involved a foreigner, and most of these marriages are between a Filipino woman and a foreign man. American guys are the most popular foreign men to marry in this country (3168 marriages in 2017, it’s twice as many marriages as between Filipino brides and Japanese grooms who came in second).
  3. They look gorgeous! Why? No one knows. It’s probably about the history of Southeast Asia — this region has always been welcoming migrants (both refugees and economic migrants), about the food culture (rice, meat, fish, and vegetables), about diversity (this country is very diverse, both ethnically and culturally), and about their beauty standards (most young ladies from the Philippines want to look like Westerners — and what can be better than a combination of a modern Western fashion/makeup and an Asian natural beauty?).
  4. They want to take care of their men. Filipino wives are sweet, loving, and caring, so if you want your wife to take care of you like a king, these women are exactly what you need. That’s a part of their culture — these women have always been affectionate and “warm.” They even have a word malambing that means something like “warm/sweet/tender” but doesn’t actually have a direct English translation.
  5. Filipino women for marriage are very honest and loyal. Some American men say that it’s difficult to find a loyal girlfriend today, but that’s definitely not the case when it comes to Filipino girls. There is no statistics available, of course, but many Americans who have Filipino girlfriends and wives say that these women are much more faithful than Western girls — it’s probably about their religion and culture, but the exact reasons are unknown.
  6. They are not that demanding. Yes, there are some gold-diggers (but there are gold-diggers in any nation in the world), but most Filipino girls are actually not demanding in terms of money, gifts, and restaurants. They are independent and strong, well-educated and intelligent. So, they have no problems earning good money both in the Philippines and in the United States.
  7. They are fun! Of course, we can’t say that all the women who live in this country are like this, but most of them are very emotional, sarcastic, and really fun-loving — so it’s almost impossible to feel bored if you have a Filipino wife. However, this can be a problem for some men — thus, if you’re too shy or extremely serious, you will probably have problems with Filipino women. But again, not all of them are like this, so it’s possible to find a perfect partner no matter what personality type you prefer.
  8. These women are traditional and very feminine. “Traditional” doesn’t mean “obedient” or “too shy” here. It just means they make great wives and they are very family-oriented, but of course, you shouldn’t expect them to be some kind of Stepford wives. The same is about femininity. These women haven’t lost that mysterious “feminine energy” that makes them very soft, attractive, and devoted to their husbands. It’s difficult to describe this femininity, but once you meet a Filipino girl for marriage, you’ll understand what we are talking about!
  9. They are straightforward and always tell things as they are. The coolest part is that they typically don’t lie to their partners and don’t try to hide or sugarcoat anything. They don’t play games and don’t like it when a man plays games — like, if you want to ask a Filipino mail order bride out, just be direct and do it.

What problems to expect when dating a Filipino girl for marriage?

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First of all, it’s about cultural barriers — Filipino brides differ from American women and you will have to understand it. They have a different dating culture, different traditions, customs, and different views on some things.

Another problem (that is actually not a “problem” but a hallmark of this nation) is that these women have a very strong sense of responsibility towards the family. In short, it means you’ll have to support her family even if you take her to the US. It’s definitely something you should know about.

And then, jealousness. You’ve probably heard that Filipino girls for marriage are often too jealous — and it’s 100% true. That’s just another side of that “loyalty” story — your Filipino bride will never cheat on you, but she’ll want to be sure you are 100% loyal to her.

How to choose the right Filipino brides platform?

First of all, check if the site is safe and reputable. Google it, pay attention to the company that owns this website, make sure the profiles are real — it’s quite easy, but it must be done.

Then, read the reviews — and we’re talking about all the reviews you can find. What do customers say about the site? What do mail order bride experts say? Usually, reading 3-5 reviews is enough to understand if the platform is worth your time.

And after that, test the website yourself. It’s a very important thing that will help you answer such questions as “Is the website interface easy to use?” or “Does it feel like a 100% safe site with real users?” Most mail order bride websites offer a free trial period or free credits for new users, so you won’t have to pay anything to try all the premium features and to chat with women.