Indonesian Mail Order Brides: Find the Perfect Wife from Indonesia

 Indonesian Mail Order Brides: Find the Perfect Wife from Indonesia

Indonesia is a unique country in Southeast Asia that consists of thousands of islands. However, to Western men, the most attractive thing about Indonesia is its beautiful female population. Marrying Indonesian brides is a popular trend among American men, and here is how it works.

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Real Indonesian wives: Their popularity in numbers

While there is no doubt that Indonesian mail order brides are some of the most coveted women in Asia for Western gentlemen, it’s hard to know how popular they are without looking at the numbers. That’s exactly what we are going to do right now.

129 Indonesian women married American men in 2020 and became permanent residents of the United States. Of course, we can’t say with confidence that all of them are mail order brides, but it’s safe to assume that most of those happy marriages started with online romance, which means it’s totally possible to achieve the same. 

There were 183 of those marriages in 2010, but the lower number in 2020 has more to do with COVID-19 and travel restrictions than with the decline in popularity of Indonesian females. And roughly 10% of Indonesian girls for marriage move to the US with their children, so your family can get even bigger than you initially expected.

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Cost of Indonesian mail order bride

When we are talking about the Indonesian mail order brides prices, we don’t mean an opportunity to buy an Indonesian wife. We simply mean that there are some things you’ll need to pay for to enhance your experience. These are the expenses you’ll need to cover.

Dating site expenses

As a member of a dating site, you will have the following ways to maximize your chances of success:

  • Premium membership: $10 to $50 for 1 month
  • Additional credits: $50 to $100 for 1 month
  • Gifts and flowers: $100 to $500 for 1 gift
  • Translation services: $30 for 1 hour

Travel expenses

Indonesia is not the most expensive country for tourists in Southeast Asia. Still, when you are visiting your Indonesian bride, there are some instances where you’ll pay for two: for example, when it comes to food, transportation, and entertainment. This is what a typical budget for a 2-week stay in Indonesia looks like:

  • Plane tickets: $1,000
  • Accommodations: $600 to $1,000
  • Food: $500 to $800
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment: $300 to $500


It goes without saying that the total for your trip can differ a lot and can depend on how actively you use a dating site and how many women you talk to at once, the season of your trip, your travel style, how much time you’ll be spending with your Indonesian mail order wife, and whether you’ll travel around the country. On average, for 12 months of dating online and 14 days in Indonesia with your bride, you can pay from a little over $5,000 to a little under $12,000.

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The truth about Indonesian brides

So who are the women you meet online as mail order brides from Indonesia? These women can be somewhat mysterious, but these few facts will shine some light on Indonesian women for marriage.

Who is a typical Indonesian wife?

There is no way to talk about Indonesian mail order wives as a whole because these women, their personalities, motivations, and attitude to men can be vastly different. However, while meeting Indonesian girls online, you can expect them to fall into the following ranges:

  • The most common age group of Indonesian mail order brides is 25 to 30 with 20 to 25 being a close second and 30 to 35 taking the third spot.
  • Indonesia, in general, is a rather highly educated country. Over 90% of its female population obtain secondary education, and 39% of the women, compared to just 33% of men, then go on to get a university degree.
  • The average woman in Indonesia is very petite: according to the statistics, she is just 1.54 meters tall and her weight is just a little over 56 kilograms.
  • With the help of popular mail order bride sites, you can meet Indonesian brides from all walks of life. However, the five most popular female professions for Indonesian wives are teacher, sales manager, hospitality worker, beauty industry professional, and HR manager.

Do Indonesian ladies prefer older men?

There is a common stereotype that foreign mail order brides, including Indonesian women, tend to be significantly older than their Western spouses. This stereotype originated in the times when mail order brides often without meeting them in person before the wedding and due to the fact that marrying an older, wealthier gentleman was one of the few chances for them at a better life.

Mail order marriages don’t work like that anymore, and both the man and the woman are free to choose who to marry right now. As a result, the age difference between brides from Indonesia and their American husbands is not that big right now. On average, an Indonesian mail order bride is just 4 to 9 years younger than her husband, which is not that different from marriages between two US citizens.

Final thoughts

If an Indonesian girl for marriage is now the only thing on your mind, you are definitely not alone. These women effortlessly occupy the minds of thousands of Western men. But now that it’s easier to meet them than ever before, your dream of marrying an Indonesian lady can become a reality in a matter of months.