Russian Mail Order Brides: Find Your Love in Russia!

 Russian Mail Order Brides: Find Your Love in Russia!

Unlike some other types of foreign mail order brides, Russian women for marriage need no introduction. Russian brides have often been mentioned in the media as some of the most gorgeous, lovable, and caring women in the world. However, you cannot base your choice of a life partner just on those qualities — you need to know more about Russian mail order brides before you can make the decision. This is exactly what we are here for! This guide to Russian girls for marriage will finally give you answers to the most common questions.

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What do Russian brides look like?

The beauty of Russian mail order brides is what led to their popularity in the first place, so we may just as well start with a description of a typical Russian bride’s appearance. Perhaps, the most important trait of their beauty is their diversity. Yes, there are plenty of fair-skinned Russian women with long natural hair and mild facial features that you have seen before, but the beauty of Russian brides varies greatly and you can easily find the traits you are looking for.

It’s also worth mentioning that Russian women boast fantastic figures. They are not too tall or curvy, but they look like a perfect combination of strength and femininity that so many men find irresistible. Russian girls take excellent care of their bodies with dieting and exercise, which is why they effortlessly retain their good looks for decades.

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What is a Russian Bride?

Russian brides are typically women who are from Russia. They are usually of Slavic origin and have a Russian-sounding name. They might also be from other countries, but they will still have the Russian heritage.

Russian brides can be found on dating sites, but the most popular place to find them is on social media.

Why are Russian mail order brides so popular with men?

The acclaim of Russian girls for marriage is not up for a debate, but what exactly makes them so sought-after on the international dating scene? These are the 5 best things about Russian brides.

They always look presentable

In addition to their natural beauty, Russian women also have a very careful approach to their self-presentation. No matter where they go, they are always well-groomed, stylish, and smelling nice.

They will love you as you are

Russian women never get the urge to change their partner. They are fully accepting and will love you for your personality traits and attitude, not for the things you bring to the family table.

They are intelligent and well-read

Every family in Russia invests a lot of effort into educating their daughter. Most Russian households have an impressive collection of books. As a result, Russian girls grow up to be well-educated and able to talk about anything.

Family is their number one priority

The majority of Russian brides are not as interested in building a career or having an active social life as they are in taking care of their families. The husband and the children will always be present in the woman’s mind.

They find joy in doing chores

When you are together with a Russian lady, let alone marry her, you will never need to ask her to do some work around the house. To Russian wives, cooking and cleaning are just additional ways to take care of the people they love.

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Why do Russian girls for marriage become mail order brides?

The decision to marry a person from another country is not an easy one to make, especially when it involves moving to a completely different part of the world. However, there are thousands of Russian women who do it every year, and these are their 3 main reasons:

  • Ambitions. Many Russian girls consider education and career opportunities in their home country to be limited and believe that they can open more doors by moving abroad for marriage.
  • Men’s treatment. Unfortunately, not all men in Russia find it necessary to respect their women and treat them as equals. Russian brides rightfully believe that they can be treated better by foreign husbands.
  • Romance. Most of all, Russian women want to feel loved and cherished. They are looking for a classic romance and have the best chance of finding it by marrying a man from a Western country.

Dating Russian brides: 5 tips that will help

Russian dating culture does not develop as quickly as the dating culture in your own country and mastering the peculiarities of dating Russian women can take you some time. Here are some tips that will speed up this process for you:

  • Do your best to look good. Women in Russia can spend hours getting ready for the date, and while no one expects you to do the same, handsome clothes, neat hair, and a nice perfume are a must.
  • Plan the dates yourself. Russian girls can be assertive and inventive, but at the early stages of the relationship, they prefer to entrust all the initiative to the man.
  • Don’t mention splitting the check. One of the essential things to remember about Russian dating culture is that women there are not used to paying on dates and will be appalled if you suggest it.
  • Small gifts are always appropriate. Showing up empty-handed to the dates won’t increase your chances with a gorgeous Russian bride. Flowers, perfume, jewelry, and other traditional gifts are always a good idea.
  • Show your genuine interest in her culture. If things go well, you will have years of learning Russian culture and language ahead of you, but it’s always nice when you come to the date prepared.

Where to look for your Russian woman for marriage

Visiting Russia or hoping to meet a Russian girl for marriage in your own country will significantly limit your dating options. That is why most Western men now prefer international dating sites. On a typical Russian mail order bride site, you can find thousands of young, beautiful, unmarried women who want to get together with foreign men. With dating sites, it’s possible to get to know the woman you like before you even meet offline.

Possible issues to know about

A relationship and marriage to a Russian mail order bride is always a fantastic experience, but there are a few caveats that may need your attention:

  • Language barrier. When you are communicating offline, it can sometimes be difficult to understand each other without any translation services. Luckily, Russian girls are quick learners.
  • Cultural differences. Being raised in completely different environments, with different pop culture and politics, can make the communication slightly more difficult than it is with local women.
  • Adaptation difficulties. Once your Russian bride moves to your country to get married, it can take her some time to get used to life abroad. However, your support and care will certainly help.

Final thoughts

By now, you probably don’t doubt the fact that a Russian mail order bride is the one person that is missing from your life. Meeting an ideal Russian woman for marriage can be the final piece of the puzzle on the way to your personal happiness, and since there is no need to go all the way to Russia to find a woman for you, it can happen even sooner than you think. Find other helpful guides and reviews on our site!