Cuban Mail Order Brides: The Best Way to Find a Wife in Cuba

 Cuban Mail Order Brides: The Best Way to Find a Wife in Cuba

Cuban brides for marriage are legit and real. They are looking for serious relationships with foreigners, and men from the United States are their primary targets. If you are ready to start dating a woman from a foreign country, you will find online dating exceptionally effective and accessible in Cuba.

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Real Cuban wives

Cuban mail order brides have a good reputation in the United States. First, guys know that Cuban girls are attractive and hot. They also know that women from this country are family-oriented, loyal, and supportive. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, Cuban females will make you the happiest guy on the planet.

In 2020, girls from this country have proven to be among the most demanded and popular online dates in the United States. In fact, more than 470 dates from Cuba moved to the United States as wives of American men. Even the numerous obstacles that the Covid-19 created could not prevent so many girls from seeking serious relationships with Americans.

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Interestingly, the popularity of Cuban women for marriage has been increasing significantly over the years. For example, in 2010, just over 200 brides found true love and happiness in the United States as mail order brides. Furthermore, it is widespread for Latin girls to get married when they have children, and Cuban brides were not an exception. In 2020, around 20% of brides who married Americans had children from previous marriages. 

Cost of Cuban mail order bride

We believe that to date a foreign woman, you need to know as much as possible about her. That includes finding out how much it costs to find, date, and marry her. In this section, we are going to cover the main expenses of online and real-life dating approaches to help you understand the Cuban mail order wives prices.

Online dating

We’ll start with online dating, as it is the simplest way to find a Cuban mail bride. First, online dating is popular in Cuba, and such services are very affordable in this country. The number of real and attractive dates can impress anyone. Most of the time, you can find dating sites of two types: sites that use credits and platforms that use monthly memberships. We believe it is essential to know the differences between these sites and overall Cuban mail order brides prices.

A site with a membership-based approach will offer you access to dating services only if you are a paying member. On average, you will have to pay between $10 and $40 to become a member. Apart from that, you won’t need to pay for anything else. 

Some sites use credits instead of memberships. Instead of getting access to all the tools at once, you decide what options you want to use. You buy credits in packages and can spend them however you want. You can even spend them in two or three months, making only a single purchase. However, it should be noted that on average, credit-based sites are more expensive since you have more opportunities to spend more money. But if you can control your expenses, you will spend roughly $100 per month.

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Real-life communication

Going to Cuba and looking for a bride there is also an option. We should emphasize the fact that real-life dating is not that effective compared with online communication. Also, you won’t spend a lot of money on dating Cuban girls for marriage here, since Cuba is an incredibly cheap country! Here are what you need to consider while calculating an average Cuban bride prices:

  • Trip to Cuba. A one-way ticket will cost you around $150-500. 
  • Apartments and accommodation. The average apartment or hotel room will cost you approximately $1,500 for 14 days. 
  • Food. You can expect to pay about $350 per 14 days per 1 person.
  • Transportation. $300 would be enough to travel wherever you wish.
  • Entertainment. You can spend around $300 and enjoy everything Cuba can offer you.

So, expect to spend around $1,500-2,000 per trip to Cuba.

The truth about Cuban brides

Just like any other Latin mail order brides, a Cuban wife is mesmerizingly hot and beautiful. She is fun, communicative, and open-minded. Cuban girls look just like most Latin women: they have long and curly hair, brown or green eyes, full lips, and big eyes. Online dating is popular mostly among young people, so expect to find most brides in their mid-20s who are either students or look for a family life where men are in charge of everything. It is also important to note that Cuban mail order wife doesn’t mind dating older guys. In fact, most of the time, Most girls who use online dating are either students or unemployed. Most of the time, brides are 8 years younger than their grooms!


Now you know what to do to find a beautiful Cuban mail bride. Whether you choose online relationships or real-life dating experiences, you can be sure that mail order Cuban brides will make you the happiest person in the world!