Pakistani Mail Order Brides: Find Your Love in Pakistan!

 Pakistani Mail Order Brides: Find Your Love in Pakistan!

In this article, we are not going to talk about the many qualities that make Pakistani brides for marriage stand out from other foreign women. Instead, we are going to let you know more about their place on the international mail order bride scene and what you need to know before embarking on a journey to meet your own Pakistani wife.

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Real Pakistani women: their popularity in numbers

The demand for Pakistani mail order brides hasn’t stayed the same over the years. For example, 160 brides from Pakistan moved to the United States to marry American men in 2020. In 2010, 435 Pakistani girls for marriage achieved the same. However, the lower number in 2020 doesn’t mean that their popularity has suddenly dropped. 

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It just means that the coronavirus pandemic and that the related travel restrictions have made it harder for foreign women to move permanently to the US. Additionally, around 3% of Pakistani women immigrate to the United States together with their children, so if you are searching for a Pakistani bride who already has kids, there is a real chance to do it.

Pakistani mail order bride cost

All the talk about Pakistani mail order brides prices doesn’t mean you can literally buy a bride from Pakistan like she’s a commodity. What it means is that there is a way to meet Pakistani brides online, but you need to invest money into your experience to make it more successful. There will be two instances where you’ll need to pay: while using a dating site and while traveling to Pakistan to meet your bride.

Dating site expenses

Most mail order bride services allow you to sign up for free but make you pay for a premium membership and additional features if you want to communicate with the women effectively. Here is how much using an international dating site can cost you for 1 month:

  • Premium membership: $10 to $50
  • Extra credits: $50 to $100
  • Gifts and flowers: $100 to $500
  • Translation: $50

Travel expenses

Foreigners often think that Pakistan is a very cheap country, but if you want to have a comfortable stay in Pakistan, you will need to plan your budget accordingly. Moreover, while you will pay for plane tickets and hotel stay for one, your food and entertainment expenses will likely increase since you are going to be paying for two. Here is what the typical budget for a 14-day stay in Pakistan looks like for foreigners:

  • Plane tickets: $700 to $1,000
  • Accommodations: $800 to $1,200
  • Food: $500 to $800
  • Transportation: $300
  • Entertainment: $300 to $500
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The overall budget for your online and offline dating experience will depend on several factors, including how long it takes you to establish a connection with a bride online, what your travel style is like, and how extravagant you will get with gifts. On average, men spend between $5,000+ and $12,000+.

The truth about Pakistani brides

You may be attracted to the marvelous appearance of Pakistani women for marriage or a few of their qualities you’ve heard about from men who have already married those charming women. However, the truth about Pakistani females is obviously deeper than that. Here are some essential facts to know about Pakistani mail order wives.

Who is a typical Pakistani mail order wife?

  • Like many Asian women, Pakistani mail order brides are very petite. The statistics are clear: the average Pakistani lady is just 1.54 meters tall, and her weight is slightly over 58 kilograms, which is the perfect line between skinny and curvy.
  • The majority of women you meet online as Pakistani mail brides are between 20 and 25, and most of them have never been married. The second popular age group is 25 to 30, and the chance of meeting a Pakistani bride who has been married before is higher within this group. The third group is 30 to 35, and these women typically have prior marriage experience and sometimes children from those marriages.
  • Education is a significant issue in Pakistan, especially among girls and young women. The good news is that the situation is changing for the better. More and more women are enrolling in secondary and higher education, and the majority of Pakistani brides with access to the internet are well-educated.
  • The Pakistani mail order wives you can meet online come from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life. There are plenty of students, especially in the 20-25 age group. As for the top 5 professions represented among Pakistani women, you will find teachers, hospitality workers, sales representatives, customer service operators, and nurses.

Do Pakistani brides for marriage prefer older men?

There are currently no exact statistics about the age difference between Pakistani wives and their American spouses, but we can look at the Southwest Asian statistics instead. According to them, an Asian bride is only 2 to 6 years younger than her US husband, which is not that big of an age difference and is actually consistent with what you see in marriages between two American citizens.

Final thoughts

Marriage to a Pakistani girl is something that was only a possibility for a few lucky Western gentlemen a few decades ago, but now it’s easier to achieve than ever. As long as you have a clearly defined goal, a bit of confidence, and a trusted international dating service on your side, your dream of marrying a Pakistani mail order bride can turn into reality sooner than you ever thought.