Turkish Mail Order Brides: Can You Find One Online?

 Turkish Mail Order Brides: Can You Find One Online?

It is not difficult to meet a real Turkish mail order wife. Here, we have everything you need to make your online dating experience interesting, unforgettable, and mesmerizing. Turkish brides for marriage await you—all you need to do is make the first step.

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Real Turkish women for marriage

Turkish mail order brides are relatively known in the United States. Although they are not the most popular online girlfriends, you can still find them on most dating sites, as well as girls from Turkey who live in the United States. Some American men are interested in Turkish wives because these girls have everything to be perfect wives. They are kind, beautiful, loyal, progressive, and adequate.

turkish lady with phone

In fact, in 2020, 149 brides from Turkey came to the United States to get married. And while some may say that there are other countries where the numbers of mail order brides can be 10 times higher, it is essential to note that Turkey is a country where online dating with foreigners is not as popular as in the Philippines or Thailand. What is more, in 2010, there were just about 100 girls from Turkey who moved to the United States to get married. So, despite the global pandemic that has significantly impacted the industry of online dating and mail order brides services, one can see that the popularity of girls from Turkey hasn’t decreased at all! 

If you are looking for a bride with a child, you won’t find one in Turkey. First, the level of divorce in this country is rather small due to it being an Islamic country. Also, girls with children prefer getting married to local guys as it is easier. This is why only 2 women in 2020 got married to an American citizen while having a child. But you could try looking for brides who have children, since most dating sites will allow you to see whether your potential date or bride has children or not on her profile page.

Turkish brides cost

To have a serious relationship with a foreign wife, you need to know how much it would cost to find her. In this section, we have split the cost into online communication and real-life dating to help you understand how much you need to spend to find true love from Turkey.

Online dating

It is the simplest and most effective way to find a Turkish wife. Online dating is relatively popular in Turkey, so you will find enough girls for online communication. One of the benefits of online dating is the fact that you don’t need to pay too much to date Turkish mail order brides. Platforms will offer you either a fixed monthly fee that you need to pay to get access or dynamic access to credits that you can spend on any tool you want. Both of these approaches allow you to have a great online dating experience without spending too much money.

If you want to become a member on a site, you will have to pay something about $10-40. It depends on the site you use, but usually, you can get a subscription for a rather low price, and you get everything you need. Recently, a lot of sites have switched to a credit-based system. Instead of making a single payment once a month, you pay for credits that you can spend however you want. You can spend them all on instant messaging or split between messages and video communication. A month of such communication can cost you up to $100 on average.

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Real-life communication

You can also travel to Turkey and look for girls there. Women who live in this country know English adequately, but mostly young girls can speak it. Real-life dating can be less effective and comfortable since you need to find a girl who knows English, is single, wants to date you, and is free right now. As you may see, it can be rather complicated. Also, a lot of things should be considered to make your trip affordable. 

  1. Trip to Turkey. A one-way ticket will cost you around $650-1,000
  2. Apartments and accommodation. Hotels’ cost depends largely on the season. You can find a hotel room for around $50 per night in at low season, and the same room would cost you about $150 in the high season. The average apartment will cost you around $500-700 for 14 days. 
  3. Food. Food in Turkey is rather cheap, even if you want to dine in the best restaurants—no more than $500 for two weeks.
  4. Transportation. $100 for public transport and $400 for renting a car.
  5. Entertainment. There are plenty of things that you can do in Turkey. On average, you can spend around $500 on various museums, theaters, tickets, etc.

Turkey is a rather cheap country, so don’t expect to spend too much money there. You can have wonderful and comfortable dating experiences there for a rather low price. In general, if you can spend around $2,500-3,000, you will have the best time of your life with the most beautiful Turkish brides!

The truth about Turkish mail order wives

Turkish girls for marriage are beautiful. They are not the most attractive women, but you can find a pretty girl rather easily. If you are looking for a skinny and petite Turkish bride, you will find her. But if you are seeking a curvy and voluptuous girl, you can find her as well! The majority of brides who use dating services are rather young. On average, you can find girls between 18 and 27 years of age, although mature Turkish ladies can also be found online. Almost all girls who use online dating are either students or unemployed. Turkish women date and marry older guys without any problems. On average, women who came from this country are 6-7 years younger than men they are dating and marrying.  


Go and find your ideal Turkish mail order bride since now you are ready to build a serious relationship with her. You will find girls from this country fun, enjoyable, and broad-minded.