Ukrainian Mail Order Brides: How to Get a Ukrainian Wife?

 Ukrainian Mail Order Brides: How to Get a Ukrainian Wife?

Are you interested in Ukrainian brides? It’s no surprise—these women are exceptionally attractive, traditional, feminine, and very intelligent.

Here, we will provide you a lot of interesting and useful facts about them—and we’ll also explain how much it costs to meet Ukrainian mail order brides!

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Real Ukrainian brides: Statistics 

From 2010 to 2019, Ukraine was one of the most popular European mail order bride countries with more than 800 K-1 fiancé(e) visa holders (827 in 2010, 860 in 2019). In 2020, Ukraine was the #1 most popular European bride country—but the number of visas was much lower (357).

This happened because of the visa restrictions imposed in 2020 due to the pandemic—the visa processing was extremely time-consuming because of the delays. In 2019, it took around 8-10 months to get a K-1 visa, but in 2020, some people had to wait for 15 months—so it’s obvious that the numbers were much more modest that year.

This doesn’t mean that Ukrainian mail brides are not popular anymore—this country remains the top country regarding mail order brides in the region.

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As for K-2 visas (the ones issued to the kids of K-1 applicants), the ratio is quite typical for mail bride countries. Typically, 20-25% of Ukrainian brides who get married to American men already have kids from previous relationships (827 K1/201 K2 visas in 2010, 860/229 in 2019, 357/71 in 2020). 

Ukrainian mail order brides cost

When it comes to Ukrainian mail order brides prices, there is one main thing you have to know about: if you focus on online dating, you’ll save a few thousand dollars. The point is, it’s much easier, cheaper, and faster to find a Ukrainian bride online—in such a case, you will not have to pay for the tickets, for the hotel room, and for the dates right away.

Most Ukrainian mail bride websites are not free to use, but a 1-month premium subscription ($80-$100) is much cheaper than a 1- or a 2-week trip to Ukraine. However, it’s actually possible to spend $500 or even $1,000 for 1 month on a dating website if it has such extra services as real gifts or a video chat. These features are usually costly, so you need to be very careful, especially if the auto-renewal feature isn’t turned off.

After the online stage, you’ll still have to meet her in person. This means you will have to pay for everything, from the tickets and a hotel room to food and transportation. Here’s how much it will cost (let’s assume you’ll have a 14-day trip):

  • Tickets from New York to Kyiv—$700 (round-trip)
  • A hotel room—$500
  • Food—$150
  • Transportation—$150
  • Entertainment, restaurants, activities—$600 
  • Total: $2,100
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The truth about Ukrainian brides: Who they really are 

Want to understand Ukrainian mail brides even better? Then, continue reading—here, we’ll talk about what an average Ukrainian bride does for a living, how she looks, and what she thinks about the age gap in a relationship! 

  • First, Ukrainian brides are well-educated—more than 56% of Ukrainian women have a tertiary education, and the percentage is higher than that when it comes to young and intelligent women from the biggest Ukrainian cities. They also speak English quite well, so you won’t have any problems with the language barrier.
  • Most Ukrainian women are agricultural, teaching, and health associate professionals. What’s more interesting is that according to Ukrainian statistics, around 13% of them work as models and salespersons! Of course, this is no surprise, taking into account the fact these women are extremely beautiful. 
  • Their average height is 1.66 m, but the situation here is the same in the first point of this list—the girls who use Ukrainian mail bride websites are typically tall, fit, and extremely hot. The cream of the crop
  • Marriage with a large age gap is not a problem for them. According to some studies, the predicted age gap between a Ukrainian mail order bride and her American husband is 6-9 years old!


Mail order Ukrainian brides are hot, family-centered, feminine, and very interesting to talk to—and what’s even more interesting, they love dating foreign men. You don’t need to go to Ukraine to meet Ukrainian brides for marriage—just choose a site, sign up, and start chatting with them!