Thai Mail Order Brides: Cost, Statistics, And Useful Information

 Thai Mail Order Brides: Cost, Statistics, And Useful Information

Thailand is the fourth most popular Asian country regarding mail brides. Thai brides are attractive, exotic, traditional, and open-minded—and this is certainly not all you have to know about them before you meet them. Continue reading this to learn some useful info about Thai women for marriage!

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Real Thai brides: Statistics 

Thai mail order brides are really that popular. In 2020, more than 340 women from Thailand entered the United States on a K-1 visa. This means that all these women got married to American men in 90 days after arrival. And even though this number doesn’t look that large, it’s still enough for Thailand to make it to the top-4 list of the most popular Asian bride countries (the first 3 countries are the Philippines, Vietnam, and India). Thai mail order wives are even more popular than Chinese girls—and considering the population of these two countries, this surely means something. This is a huge result, even keeping in mind that 2020 was an anomaly—but if one takes a look at the previous years, he would notice that the numbers are actually much greater.

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Thus, in 2010, 765 brides from Thailand got their K-1 visas. In 2019 (the last year before COVID-19 visa restrictions), 855 new K-1 holders were from Thailand. Just add 314/166 CR-1 (spouse) visas to this number (2019 and 2020 numbers, respectively), and you’ll see that Thai brides are much more popular than the 2020 statistics. We count CR-1 visas because they are pretty much the same thing as K-1 visas—the only significant difference is that if you marry your bride in the US after her arrival, you’ll need K-1. Still, if you’re going to marry her in her country before she arrives in the US, you’ll go the CR-1 path. The IR-1 visa is neglected here because it’s designed for those who are married for more than 3 years, and it’s an infrequent scenario for those who marry Asian mail order brides.

Another type of visa we need to talk about here is the Child of US Citizen/Child of K-1 holder visa (CR-2/K-2). This number is the best indicator of how many women from a certain country already have children before they get married to American men. 

And here’s the thing you need to know: in 2010, 1 out of 8 K-1 holders got their children with her to the United States (765 K-1/94 K-2). In 2019, it was 1 out of 6.8 (855 K-1/124 K-2). In 2020, however, the ratio returned to a previous level—that year, it was 1 out of 7.8 (343 K-1/44 K-2). Thai ladies are within the average ratio of K-1/K-2 visas for Asia (7/1) and there are no statistical anomalies here. The chances are around 14% that you’ll find a woman with kids on a Thai dating website, but it also depends on some other factors, e.g. her age (the mother’s mean age at first birth is 23.3 years old in Thailand).

Cost of Thai mail order bride

If you want to find out the Thai mail order brides prices, you’ve come to the right place—here, you’ll learn how much a Thai bride costs.

But there is actually no such thing as a marketplace where you can buy a wife. You can buy a premium subscription on a dating site, that’s true. You can buy “credits” to exchange them for certain premium features on a website, that’s also true. Furthermore, you can pay for a trip to Bangkok and for tickets, for a hotel room and for the dates—but it’s not “buying” a bride, it’s how it always works with dating. The only major difference is that you’ll have to pay $800 to get to her place by plane, not $15 to get there by Uber. 

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Here’s how much it costs to use a dating site for a month, go to Thailand, and spend 2 weeks there (we assume 2 weeks will be enough for you, at least at the first stage).

  • A premium subscription to a Thai mail order wife website or the number of “credits” available to chat with women for a month—$80-$100
  • The tickets from New York to Bangkok—$800
  • A hotel room—$650 
  • Food—$200 
  • Entertainment and activities—$500 
  • Transport—$200 
  • Total: $2,450

The truth about Thai women: Who they really are 

These women are petite and slim (153 cm average height, 49.9 kg average weight). Most of them are tertiary graduates who work in manufacturing, health and social sector, financial intermediation, and wholesale/retail trade. The average Thai bride you’ll meet on a dating website is 20-25 years old—but most of these women don’t think that age difference is a bad thing in a relationship. The average expected age difference for a couple that consists of a Thai wife and an American husband is 7.5-11 years! 


If you want to find a traditional, beautiful, and open Asian lady, Thai girls for marriage are what you need. Just choose a dating site, create an account, and start chatting with thousands of Thai mail brides—it’s really that easy!